Macon County Republican Party

Republicans believe each citizen has not only the right, but the responsibility to vote.

Macon County Republic Party



Republicans believe each citizen has not only the right, but the responsibility to vote.  Every legal vote must be counted and voting must not place an undue burden on any individual. Only United States “citizens” have the right to vote.  Republicans also believe in an election process in which it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.

Therefore, Macon County Republican Party supports Georgia’s use of IDs as a prerequisite to vote as well as maintaining that the voting process is a state responsibility and not within the scope of the federal government.  The Macon County Republican Party asks that you vote and become active in our community.  If you agree that every legal vote should be counted and fraud should be eliminated in the voting process, please consider becoming a member of Macon County Republican Party.


The Republican party believes in legal immigration.  The United States allows more legal immigration each year than any other industrialized country in the world.  However, illegal immigration poses a significant threat to our country’s economy, health, and safety.  The United States taxpayer incurs the cost of providing transportation, housing, health services, education, and other essential services to these individuals who illegally cross into our country.  The increase in illegal border crossings has also led to significant increases in drugs entering our country.  The historically high numbers of illegal crossings have overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol and illegal drugs have flowed into our country at a rate never before seen.   Even though there is a heartfelt need to help all who seek a better life in the United States, it must be done orderly and in a legal fashion.  It is not fair to those who seek citizenship by taking the proper legal course of action only to be bypassed by those who simply cross the border with little or no ramifications.  If you agree in a secure border and legal immigration, please consider participating in the Macon County Republican Party.

Support of Law Enforcement and First Responders

The Republican Party supports law enforcement and first responders.  There is a debate in our country regarding the role of law enforcement.  Let’s be clear.  We all know there are some bad law enforcement officers, but there are also bad school teachers, bad parents, there are even some bad preachers. But that does not make all teachers, parents, and preachers bad.  The same is true for law enforcement and the first responders. The Macon County Republican Party supports those who serve in the capacity of law enforcement, emergency health services, fire department, and other emergency response teams.  They are here to help us in our time of emergency.  It is absurd for those in other political parties who demand we defund these agencies.  Instead let us help law enforcement by providing them our personal support and cooperating in their investigations.  If you support law enforcement and first responders, please consider participating in the Macon County Republican Party.